Fly Your Freak Flag Description

In this workshop, Sarah will help you let your freak flag fly!  You’ll be guided through creating a canvas, art journal page, and sculpture while learning to embrace your inner weirdo.

I am a huge weirdo and embrace my weirdness fully!  I think it’s an awesome way to bring some fun and goofiness into your daily life and your art practice.

We will use a variety of mixed media techniques and mediums, and I’ll help you give your characters more character and make your world a little more weird.


We will be doing three separate projects:  A canvas, an art journal page, and a sculpture, which I’m RIDICULOUSLY excited about.

I will go over supplies as we go with recommendations and whatnot, but here’s a basic supply list!

  • Collage papers
  • Acrylic paints (whatever brand you dig)
  • Washi tape
  • Super Sculpey
  • Aluminum Foil


You’ll get a full walkthrough on each project in the lesson, including my tips, tricks, and general insanity.


I hope you’ll join me and let your own inner weirdo have a chance to wear mismatched socks while doing the funky chicken!