The Star Wars Cantina: Awesome or Totally Amazing?

Studies have now proven what I have long suspected: The cantina scene in Star Wars is a lifelong favorite of all good and decent earthlings.  Only the soulless can resist it, which is probably why “Disney Princesses on Ice” like Hoth.  (And Leia’s slave bikini.   And celery sandwiches, no mayo, hold the bread.)  Anyway, decent people dig that cantina scene because of the large cast of lovable, multi-lingual, multi-violent rogues who go there to drink, threaten violence, die by violence, or listen to pleasant space jazz.  Personally, I could never have enough of the cantina figures when I was a kid.  Rawr.  Extreme!  Weirdness!


Cantina Figures


Since I can’t possibly improve upon the original Kenner figures, however, I won’t alter those.  Instead, I’ll alter a dull and ordinary bar set to make it into a STAR WARS BAR SET.

Initially, I planned to use clay on all four heads, but perhaps you can see the problem with that plan.


Greedo At the Bar

To adjust and adapt, I tried to make most of the additions to Ponda Baba extend forward, rather than to the side:


Greedo and Ponda Baba


More pics next week, so stay tuned!  Force.  You.  Be.  Et cetera.



  1. Joes Lines

    This is such an awesome project! Is this something that is eventually going in your shop? 'Cuz there might be a market for this awesomeness among the subset of people whose first names starts with J and who live in western New York.

    PS It looks like you're using epoxy clay on this? I keep bouncing between epoxy, paper clay and sculpey, none of which make me 100% happy.

    • Thanks, Joe! It will be finding its way to my shop indeed.

      I haven't tried paper clay yet (muppet has not been totally delighted with it), but between Sculpey and epoxy clay, I'm definitely a bigger fan of the epoxy. I understand why you're not 100% happy anywhere, though. Whoever solves this and creates the ultimate clay will be a very rich human!

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