The Last Wednesday Post!

As you may recall, the women of wonderstrange staged our first Corporate Retreat last week, and it was exactly the tax write off we’d all dreamed it could be.  We made art.  We made food.  We even made some decisions, which is the subject of this post.  Ready to learn what we decided?



1.  Brussels sprouts are the official vegetable of wonderstrange.  We eat them.  We like them.  We endorse them.  We just don’t want to share a bed with you if you eat them.


2.  Tuesdays will remain the official “free digis” days on wonderstrange, which means that every Tuesday, we will give away two totally free drawings that you can use on cards, gift tags, even your own forehead, if you can sort that out.  We will also have some spectacular digital stamps to sell, which means that you could buy some.  We wouldn’t even try to stop you.


3.  Wednesdays are hard.   Sure, it’s Hump Day, but there’s still a lot of work to do smack dab in the middle of a week.  And since you don’t have a lot of time to read, we’ve decided not to kill ourselves trying to write.   This will be the last blog post on a Wednesday, with many thanks to those of you who’ve been reading faithfully all this while.


4.  Fridays!  Everyone loves Fridays, even meanie-pants people who don’t love anything because they’re mad that no one ever gave them wonderstrange wall art on their birthdays.   On Fridays, we will publish cool projects and things to make with our line art.  At craft-critical times of the year – you know, Mother’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, Craft with a Cranky Pants Day – we’ll publish regular tutorials, too, but on an average Friday, look for cool projects you can make on the cheap to dazzle friends, enemies, archenemies, your pets, and the inventor of the Bedazzler.  We may even add in some random special projects and patterns occasionally, so don’t be afraid to compulsively stalk us.


5.  We’re taking over the Panama Canal.


6.  We no longer recognize the 1929 water treaty between Great Britain and Egypt.


I think that pretty much covers the decisions we made last week.  Thanks for reading.



  1. cindyjob

    Psst…Ann , you forgot to mention that we adjusted the exchange rate for trading with Joe to a 3:1 ratio.

  2. Joes Lines

    Sweet! That means like 30 pieces of art from each of you.

    Or did you mean 3:1 in the other direction?


    PS Wonderstrange Wednesdays were a tiny glimmer of hope in the midst of midweek misery. I am now going to go pout.

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