1. I am intrigued about the Coleto – what kind of ink is it? what kind of tip? Is it like a ballpoint with a hard tip? Gel ink? India ink? Squid ink? 😉

    I just fell back in love with my fountain pen (after spending too much money on those Copic multiliners OF COURSE). I never have good luck with brush pens and coordination of proper pressure control, so you're not alone in that.

    • The Coleto ink is basically like Micron ink. The tip is slightly more stable, which is to say that sometimes my Micron tips bend and smoosh, and these don't (or haven't yet?). That said, sometimes the finest tip just says no, and then I have to hop over to the side and draw a little circle to wake it up and remind it to draw.

      I'm very glad I'm not the only one who isn't automatically awesome with a brush pen!

    • Oh, and I would LOVE to be super awesome with a fountain pen. I'm sure it would just take many, many hours of practice, and then I could be.

      I just need to find the many, many hours.

  2. shuckclod

    I do not draw, but I use Pilot gel pens .05 or .07. I would like to try that new one just for writing. I use to always write with a calligraphy pen when I was working. I am glad to know you use pen and paper, a lot of people are using the bamboo tablets. Thank you for yesturday's stamps too. Enjoy the weekend.

  3. I use the Micron brush pens sometimes. They make fat and thin lines but can be a little too thick sometimes. I'll have to see if they have a Zebra version here. Looks cool! You should switch over to a tablet and pen for your lineart. It's awesome and you can change lines on the fly and make them fat and skinny too! 🙂

    • I didn't even know Micron made brush pens! The Zebras have to be ordered from jetpens.com.

      Line art on the tablet. Woof. That's a whole other skill set! (Maybe you should give a class?)

  4. Hmmm….I have a brush pen eyeliner that I love. Wonder how I would love an actual brush PEN? It looks pretty awesome. I do like my gel pens a lot though because they don't clog up and leave gross ink blobs everywhere (they've got smooth flow, Yo.) But I'm always in the market for some new supplies. 🙂 I will have to look for these.

  5. I got Jet Pens pens, too! I got too many. For instance, I got one of those zebra pens too! But I haven't even cracked the top! (Well you know, opened it.) And in fact, I got a SECOND order from Jet Pen, because I have no self control. Or wanted a present. WHATEVER. It's a thing I did. My notes so far:

    Hi-Tec-C Holy cow, I did not see that one like you got! Cool! But I have found my tiny one (04) to be quite nice! The ink seems darker and shinier than Micron ink (might not be! But seems like it.) It does occasionally go in fits and starts (and don't even try it near gel pen). I may possibly have damaged the tip, as I do to all my 005 Microns sooner or later. Usually sooner. I also got the 03, bit thicker and also nice. AND I got some brown ink ones. Haven't uh, used those yet.

    More recently I got a set of OTHO Graphic Liner pens. I did use it on my most recent not-really-a-painting (Blue Elf in Field of Loops). In this case, I'm pretty sure I did damage the tiniest one. Also, it reacted badly with Copics (smearing) – no idea if that is a result of the acrylic underpainting. Because I have no idea about most of the things. I don't remember why I got this set of pens. I think someone wrote about them. Might have been Veterok?

    And finally. AnnD! Going over and over a line to thicken it! Just use an 03 or 05, man. Micron (or Copic liner if you like those). Don't get me wrong, I'll use a little pen to make a line thicker too, but then I get out the big guns and wonder why I tried to do it with the teeny one. This may also be why I break my teeny ones. Alas!

    Look, I wrote a book!

    • Hahaha! I enjoyed your book! Did you like the way the OTHO pens worked? Have you tried them without the acrylics underneath?

      Crack that Zebra pen, girl! It's fun!

      • ANND! There are TOO MANY THINGS to do. (Many of them require capitalization.) I will try to report on the OTHOs when I've given them another go.

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