Puzzle Blocks: Halloween Decoration

I like vampires .

I like zombies.

I like pumpkin heads.

I like Frankenstein.

I like monsters.

I really like witches.

I like them all so much that I could not pick a favorite…this resulted in some last-minute costume decisions as a child, but today I don’t have to pick because I can mix and match them as I wish while I play with these fun, easy-to-make puzzle blocks. You can make a Halloween set, too, or you can customize yours for any holiday you like. Keep reading to find out how.



Gothic Bride Garland

Ah June.  It’s the time of increasingly sweltering temperatures, long days, bored children with cabin fever, and, for some unknown reason, weddings.  If you need some quick and easy decorations for your 14th wedding or just for a Wednesday, this papel picado-based garland is fun and easy to make.  With Read more…