Candy Corn Halloween Party: Adorable Felt Monsters to Make Your Life Complete

I get ridiculously excited when Halloween comes around. Of course I love the costumes and the skulls everywhere and old ladies dressing like Elvira, but what I really love is candy corn. I specifically love indian corn, the ones with the brown butts, but any candy corn will do. So, for this most corny of holidays, I’m offering a candy corn stuffy/feltie pattern. You can use the pattern to make boring candy corn or you can use the pattern to make yourself a pair of party-goers, a devil and an angel. Maybe they can sit on your shoulder and whisper virtues and vices into your ears! (more…)


The Brains of the Operation: Using Clay to Create a Killer Halloween Decoration

Let me say up front that I am not the world’s foremost expert in the polymer clay arts.   Where clay is concerned, I may, in fact, be the world’s hindmost ignoramus – but that’s not altogether bad, because at the back of the line, we do things quick and dirty!  This project requires no special tools, no experience, and absolutely no expertise, so grab some clay, and let’s go!