1. msmathey

    Sorry your head hurts but LOVE the creeper! My 12 year old plays Minecraft nearly every day – there are whole town and mansions being built around here. Love all the different skins available too. Hope you feel better soon!

    • Thank you lovely!! Yeah, here too. I'm more into terraria, which is sort of the same thing, just 2D and therefore no seasickness.. hahahha

  2. Danielle

    Hahaha… I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who suffers from motion sickness and Minecraft (or a lot of other games as well, especially first-person types)… The hubs was trying to show me his Minecraft creations and I lasted about 30 seconds tops before I had to leave. LOL

    • LOL yeah the same thing happens to me… they show me stuff and I get all dizzy and have to walk away with "yeah that's great, honey.." 😉

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