Team Strumpet

I’m excited to announce the inaugural voyage of Team Strumpet!  Allow me to introduce the members of my team! 

Hi! I’m Amy Carden, a mixed media artist from Atlanta, Georgia, where I live with my husband, toddler son and velcro-like cat. My artistic journey began in 2013 when I first played with mixed media, and didn’t know how to draw. I was interested in the intersection between spirituality and art, and how I could explore my beliefs in a visual way. Through online courses, I began to explore art journaling as a kind of therapy, and today, almost daily, you’ll find me in the tiniest bedroom in our house, which I painted purple and call Joyous Moon Studio.

I am a part-time artist working mostly in mixed media, but I dabble in almost anything that catches my interest. I’ve been drawing as long as I can remember. Portraits will always be my first love, but there’s a lot of freedom in mixed media. When there is no expectation of photo realism, the door to personal expression is opened wider than ever.
My art tends to be on the darker side, as it’s a safe way to explore & process the “not-so-pretty” parts of my life. I think the most powerful and relatable art is something that comes from raw emotion. Authenticity is important to convey, even if it involves many layers to make the authenticity “suitable for public viewing”.
I love sharing my passion for creativity with others. I believe it’s more about the process than the final result. Sharing that vision is important to me, be it with family, friends, or strangers…
I’m not versed in videos (I actually have very little patience for watching them), but it’s something I’m open to trying as a means of pushing my own boundaries.

Cristin Stevenson (also known as ‘Pan’) is a mixed media artist and teacher from Saint Joseph, Missouri. As well as creating traditional artwork, she also works for a few creative and design teams including Artistcellar and Curator for Donna Downey Studios. Her work has been featured in museums and art galleries and has travelled internationally.

As well as teaching online through collaborative courses, she also teaches monthly via Patreon.


Effy Wild is an almost 50 year old furbabe loving, mixed media obsessed, art journaling addict who lives in Ontario, Canada. You can find her at



I have been teaching art since I was 17, had a small business when I was a teenager. Teaching art officially over 16 years. I teach early school leavers so I mentor and offer support as well for the healing to begin. Creating art myself forever as it’s an integral part of who I am. Been in a couple of group exhibitions. I believe strongly in healing through art or just saying ommmmmmfuckitommmmm now and then.


Let’s see, I am a mother of 5 (yes FIVE I know!), art loving, cheerleader and all around lifter of spirit. I do everything with heart. I am dependable and can meet deadlines. While I don’t necessarily have an exact art style, much like my life, I follow where the layers lead me. I do own my own watercolor company, but have a passion for stencils and finding new ways to use them.


I’m a mixed media artist that loves all thing fluorescent, Victorian and found poetry. I’m happiest when creating and desperately trying to stop the cat drinking my paint water or knocking it over. I love the weird and macabre and whenever I create found poetry it always takes a turn for the dramatic and dark.


A California girl now living at the jersey shore, Kecia Deveney, a traveling artist and creativity coach, has been teaching mixed media, sewing, painting and jewelry techniques for the last 10 years. She’s taught internationally and all over the U.S. and has been published in jewelry/art magazines. Her artistic style is imagination based, infused with spirit & sentiment plus a dash of yesteryear. Her video series, Thrifty Thursday, is an eclectic presentation of her finds from thrift stores. You can follow her musings on Facebook where she invites artsy questions in weekly discussions. Also find her on Instagram and view her portfolio at

I started my mixed media journey in 2009 and came a long way since.
I adore making creative video and I’m currently part of the video DT for ColourArte (this is my second term with them, and I helped the owner with video projects outside my DT job). I worked with The Crafter’s Workshop (made a project for their CHA booth a few years ago).
I’m very passionate about art and supplies, and a great cheerleader when I love someone and/or a brand.


Sal Scheibe has worked as a freelance illustrator and designer since 2006 and loves her job even though she will never be rich. She paints a lot of flowers, monsters, pirates and tons of cats for creatives to use commercially. She co-founded art trading sites and as well as ran ArtTrader magazine from 2008 – 2013. In her spare time, she enjoys making journal art, tradeable art and paintings. There is basically nothing else.


Sarah Trumpp is a mixed media artist, sculptor, and mad scientist who never met an art supply she didn’t want to wrangle into submission.  She is obsessed with things that are creepily cute, monsters, zombies, and food with a face.  Strumpet Stencils is her brainchild and sometimes bane of her existence.  But only sometimes.