Square Dance Cuties and a Glamour Don’t: Free Digital Stamps

You know how some people save the best for last? Yeah . . . that doesn’t always work for me. However, the 2012 edition of 100 Things to Draw When You Are Bored  may prove to be an exception. We are closing in on the end of the year and the end of the list, so this week I dug deep.


First up, I drew two square dance cuties (Number 17 from the list), mostly because I have always felt the Devil would rock a bolo tie.

This “Glamour Don’t” (Number 23) was  inspired by my springtime 100 Men to Date When You Are Bored adventures from early this year. The “Jorts” thing really happened. and everyone who knows me in real life has had to listen to me recount the tale, more than once.  Enjoy these, and just like always, click them, size them, print them.





This week’s featured digi is a funny little reindeer with an all-too familiar problem.  Snap it up while it’s on sale!


Be sure to come back on Friday, when we’ll see what Sarah has up her sleeve.





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