1. Those look so fun to design and create, and they look awesome on the tree! I love ornaments that interact with the lights. (I mean, I guess they all interact, but some interact like kids at a middle school dance, and some interact like drunk, groping couples at a frat party – and for once, I can say I prefer the frat party!)

  2. I think I must have missed something. Either that or this Gelli plate thing is beyond me. Perhaps I should watch the video 'cuz I can't for the life of me figure out at what point the tape goes on to the plate. Sometimes, I suck.

    • Bah, you don't suck! I definitely skipped over a lot of it since it was on the video! Once the paint is all dry on the plate, you cover it with packing tape, burnish, and then peel the tape off… the paint all comes off on the tape and then the gold leaf sticks to the spots on the tape where there is no paint! It's a cool video, check it out 😀

  3. So many tools and techniques and sparkles and circles, oh my! Neat video! Neat project! Would be so great to see them hanging with the tree lights on all around.

  4. maryk

    this is wonderful. i love these tape prints, but i have to think really hard to work from the bottom layer to the top. you have done this beautifully. i love your colors and your snowflakes are great. i think it would also be pretty to use a solid sheet of adhesive (contact paper?) and use this as a card front. tfs

  5. Danielle

    Love this…. thanks so much for posting the video and your project! I think I may need to get myself a Gelli plate and try this technique.

  6. Those ornaments are so cool! And thanks for visiting my blog! I just now realized I had a comment. For some reason google+ signed me out and I haven't checked to see that I was even logged out. 🙂

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