1. I totally adore your salt and pepper shakers! 🙂 As much as we like to think we're sensible I so understand what you're saying. I once had a caricature done of myself and it was so provocative in a bikini and big boobs I was mortified. I knew I didn't look like that but it was disturbing to me that the artist thought to draw me like that. 🙂 I'm over it now but at a time I didn't show that drawing to anyone.

    • Thank you! I would be mortified if someone drew me in a provocative bikini, and I HAVE big boobs! (And of course, wish that I didn't.)

      Thanks for commenting, NatashaMay!

  2. She is adorable!! I have never looked at one of your S&P shakers and thought, "it's fine but would be so much better if only her hips were smaller." I think you do a fantastic job of working human shapes onto non-human-shaped things, and that is hard to do.

    Poor Dr. Feingold.

    • Thank you, Sarahpants! <3 It really is a perpetual challenge to make non-human-shaped things look human, and I appreciate that you appreciate that! 😀

      Poor Dr. Feingold indeed. He wore the coolest pants, though. His entire wardrobe could have been called Florida Golf.

  3. She looks amazing – excellent job! Hindsight is 20/20, and I thought I was fat when I weighed 108 in high school. We get it from every direction. I think only hetero males are comfortable, or don't care, about their less than perfect physiques. And as far as the caricature comment above, I caricature, and that never occurred to me that someone would be uncomfortable if I drew them with cleavage, or something invented like that. Good to know!

    • How did I not respond to this yesterday? First, thank you so much! Second, I feel you! I wish I could go back in time and reassure my tiny little self – and get her to stop hiding her body in giant men's XXL sweathshirts! Oy!

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