1. What an awesome pair of images! I live in a major Hispanic area where the Day of the Dead is a major celebration. Needless to say, I can't wait to use your DOTD image for a few people that are still in mouring over the loss of their favorite soap operas. It should be a real hit!

    I already know the name of the store that sells these awesome pretzels for the Vampires in the Mall..Bite Me!!! My Twilight obsessed daughter will be the first recipient of the first card I make with this image. Better yet, I may have to make something for her wall to hang near all of her Twilight paraphernalia.

    Thanks again for offering these weekly freebies! I've been on overdrive with grandkids all summer, but school starts next week which means crafting time is back!!! Can't wait to get creative with your images. Thanks again!

    • ha! I love it! I would totally only buy pretzels at Bite Me.

      My youngest child starts school next week ON MY BIRTHDAY. Happy birthday to me, here's a quiet house!!

  2. bethenny

    This sucks nothing to do no wear to go, man i m soooooooo bord… now I just want to go back to school………?

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