1. shuckclod

    That poster is great. I would just let them infect me so I could be one too. The Bacon thing is too funny. Also all good Horror Movies have a Machete. 🙂 Hope you get your shows you want.

    • I liked the Michael Jackson part. A machete is part of my home defense system, I kid you not. A machete and a lead pipe.

  2. I hope your limbo doesn't last much longer!

    I vote you replace the machete with a candlestick or a rope. Then I can call you Professor Plum.


    Did you ever see the CDC’s Zombie Preparedness Site?

    My hubby doesn’t like The Walking Dead. We watched the first season (don’t have t.v. only Netflix) and he got soooo angry cause they didn’t follow basic zombie survival tactics.

    I liked it though!!

    • I have seen it – I thought it was pretty genius of the CDC to take advantage of the zombie obsession. Your hubby's reaction to the walking dead is hilarious. I watch it with my 15-year-old and we whimper together. 😉

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