1. First, I am very jealous of your art- and obscenity- filled time with AnnD! And though I'm a TEENY bit sorry that the bit about the squirrel choir and mashed potatoes didn't happen, I do think this little guy has a seriously cute and a little bit creepy face. Makes me want to do some super sculpy!

    • Pfft! We're ALL sorry about the squirrel choir! It was seriously so much fun getting to watch Sarah work the clay and animate the creepers, who were all very chatty with me. Someday, we should all get together and do Sculpey, although in my case, "doing Sculpey" would mean looking up some guy from my high school with a bad nickname, because I have no clay skillz whatsoever. So on second thought, maybe I'll do something else. 😉

    • Ha! I was so completely out of it when I wrote that, so when I read your comment I was all, "wait, what about squirrels??!"

      I would love a sculpy party – Ann you can totally do it!

  2. connie

    very cool….and the refreshments in the background….starbucks and diet coke….totally you two.

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