Scary Teddy Bear and Drunk Clouds

I am sure you’d all appreciate a pithy remark or two about this weeks line art but , to be honest, if winter does not take it’s clouds out of Chicago-land pretty soon ,I am gonna go clown mask teddy bear crazy any day now.  The good news is that drawing these tipsy clouds (no. 98) and the bear gone bad ( no. 28) sort of cheered me up. Now, if I do not look out the window for another month, maybe I won’t need to call any of you for bail money. If you are in need of further diversion, check out the rest of the 100 things to draw when you are bored 2013 edition.









  1. shuckclod

    Thank you for these cuties. Love the bear. I would bail you out if need, but your a bit far from CA. Have a great rest of the week.

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