Scared of Stilettos and Almost Human: Free Digital Stamps

Okay, so here’s a little secret about women: We don’t all like shoes.  No really.  We don’t.  Poor Cinderella had no idea when she said yes to the prince that she’d be expected to saunter around greeting royal dignitaries in a pair of these:

Cinderella's New Shoes_wonderstrange

That’s #15 from our list of 100 Things to Draw When You’re Bored, “Cinderella’s New Shoes,” and it’s a piece of totally free art that we offer you because we love you.  Do you know what else we offer?  Things that are not totally free yet ARE amazingly cool.  NOT KIDDING.

Here are a couple of things I make.

Feature Shot Candidate 2

Puppet Theater

Nifty!  Click the pics for more details.

And now for the second totally free drawing, inspired by #5 on our list: Almost Human:

Almost Human_wonderstrangeThat’s it for this week’s drawings, but come back for bloggings Wednesday and Friday!



  1. shuckclod

    I hate shoes too. I love socks 🙂 These are so great and your crafty stuff too. Enjoy your week.

  2. AK

    Love this! I always tell my friends that the day they see me in heels is the day they know I have a death wish. I never understood the fascination.

    • Hahaha! Me, either. I do like shoes with a little boost, since I'm 5'2", but I'm not nearly graceful enough to stroll around in shoes that are intrinsically unstable. I'd break an ankle inside of 5 minutes! Thanks for commenting!


    I love that Cinderella. And the "whatchoo lookin' at" facial expression of the merfairy girl!

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