Saucy Snow White and Some Disjoined Twins: Free Digital Stamps

Every Tuesday, as you may know, Wonderstrange offers up two free pieces of wonderfully strange line art.  This week, I decided to start off with #14 from our 2013 list of Things to Draw When You’re Bored: Snow Not-So-White:

Snow Not-So-WhiteA_wonderstrange


Hey, sometimes a princess in the woods gets lonely.


Next in is a pair of “Disjoined Twins” (#8).  Apparently, somebody flirted with the surgeon a little more effectively than somebody else.

Disjoined Twins_wonderstrange

As always, click these images to print or save them, and be sure to join us on Friday for a tutorial from Ann!


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  1. shuckclod

    Thank you for the new ones. I added you to my blog favorites, because I missed last weeks. The clowns are so funny! Thank you Ladies…

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