1. HaHa! I got rejected from the PlushYou show!!

    I sent in my app, then noticed I sent the $ fee to the wrong email, so I resent the $ and sent her an apology. Well, she cashed my $, I didn't hear anything back, & that $10 fee over-drafted my back account!! HAHA!

    And yesterday, I was getting some "featured links" from other blogs together & one "feature" was actually a joke, an April's Fool Post. They posted picts of a piece I made & people's comments were all like "I want to gouge my eyes out… AHHH!! That's horrible… hilarious, thanks for the laugh…etc" That made me feel pretty crappy…

    Oh, Well….


    • OH NO! That's awful. All of it is awful (and I'm extra sorry about plush you – that's banananananas), but the fact that people were using your art as part of an April Fool's post is just MORTIFYING. I can't even imagine. Let's go break some kneecaps!! xoxo!

      • HAHA!! Thanks! Gotta just shrug it off & keep on roll'n! (Plus keeping a ((fake)) positive attitude seems to serve me well!) See, everybody gets rejected, I guess I'm used to it more because of my professional sculpting stuff. You work on something for so long & they just throw it out. You become less personally attached to things!!

        And the PlushYou, was kinda my fault I guess. I sent the $fee after the deadline, & said "if it's too late & you can't accept my application, just reject the fee…" well, she didn't. That's what was annoying about that. If I didn't get in, I didn't get in…

        So rejection is all relative! You got in to one, you get rejected from one… more will always come along!

        • Yeah, I'm soldiering on for sure. I moped around and played Terraria by myself instead of working, had some wine, woke up, wrote this, and pretended to feel better. You pretend long enough and it works!

    • OMG, I cannot freaking believe someone posted your work as an April Fool's joke. That makes me see red. Please know that for every asshole like that, you have 30 fangirls.

      Seriously, though. ASSWAGONS. Grrrr.

      • XOXO!! So sweet!! The piece they were, I guess, making fun of was a piece that I worked really hard on & although not everybody's-cup-o-tea, it's not horrible… They were just making fun of it… Plus trying to pass it off as "Look at this cool thing I found… hee-hee-hee…yea, real "cool""

        Oh, Well… Fuck 'em…

        Give "Fly" kisses from me!!

  2. I love and admire how fiercely honest you are in your writing, Sarah!

    Rejection is pretty much the most painful experience on my list shy of getting dragged by a truck down a gravel road while a mobile medical team performs a spinal tap. I swear I structure half of my life to avoid rejection, and that's precisely because it IS personal. It's someone else looking over a group of people and saying, "Yeah. Um, her and him and him, but not YOU, o-kay?" Ouch!!! And WTF?!

    You are so unbelievably talented that I truly can't wrap my head around ANYONE rejecting you, ever, for any reason. But! As the proud owner of a piece by FeltedChicken, I also can't believe SHE got rejected.

    My conclusion: The world is on a big acid trip and should report to me immediately.

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