Piles of Piles

Last week I showed you my stockpiles, but this week I’m going to talk about plain old piles.  I am skilled at piling.  The tables that were so clean last week (okay, clean for me, anyway) are now piled with various things in various stages of completion.  I’ve gotten a couple of paintings done (and passed the first milestone in the 300 paintings in 2013 quest), but I still have a pile of 4 x 4 canvases waiting.  I have a pile of tattoo designs waiting for skin and had an enormous pile of stuff that needed to go to the Post Office (now gone! woo!).   Earlier tonight I went around the room and took pictures of the piles that are particularly prickling.

Pile number one:  Platforms

Pile number one: Platforms

This pile is particularly vexing.  This is a pile of platforms for art dolls/decorations in a sort of vintage folk art style that I’m going to do either to start something awesome or get something out of my system.

I mentioned the other day that I spend a lot of time messing around on the internet.  Too much time, especially this week.  It has been cold and rainy and miserable, the roof has been dumping huge chunks of ice onto the porch at distressing intervals, and we have been staying home from preschool.  This means I have more time to leisurely make my way through the internet.  At one point this week I discovered Johanna Parker.  I literally spent an entire day reading her blog archives and trying to figure out what exactly appealed to me about her folksy vintagey style.  I’m not much of a fan of folksy vintagey stuff in general, but there is something about it.  Cart Before the Horse, Laurie Hardin, and David Everett have that same effect on me… That sort of baffled fascination.  David Everett’s stuff is weird and goofy enough that I can totally understand why I dig it, but I was confused enough about these others to spend an entire morning trying to figure out what the appeal was.

Pile number two:  Notes

Pile number two: Notes

After comparing and analyzing and taking my temperature several times, I figured out that what I like most is the decoration.  I think it goes hand in hand with my fascination with Day of the Dead:  It’s all about over-decoration.  Everything is painted and beaded and sequined and flashy and awesome.  Folksy vintagey stuff is the same way.  There are lots of patterns and decorations and colors, and I really am attracted to that.  Also, I like the rough surface of the paperclay and paper mache on the solid geometric shapes.  The slickness of polymer clay is one of the things that continually turns me off about it (that and the greasy feeling it leaves on my hands), so I’m busting the paper mache back out and we’ll see what happens.  This week I’m going to tackle this pile and get this folksy thing out of my system.  The notes and ideas and vague sketches of things I have planned are in this purposeful pile.

Pile Number Three: Parts

Pile Number Three: Parts

About 14 months ago, I made these monster faces to use as part of an article/demo for Art Trader, baked them, and then decided not to use them.  I tossed them in a drawer and promptly forgot about them until this week.  I have lots of these kind of piles.  Piles of unfinished crap.  I finally painted these boys and then made some tiny antlers to go with them – they will be pink monster jackalopes when they’re finally done.  I will conquer these piles of unfinished business.

pile of wood

Pile number four: Wood

I showed this a bit last week, but I wanted to show a better view of this wood madness.  I am working on this pile too.  I have a shopping cart at craftparts.com (my go-to for too many bits of wood) that is full of 200 bucks worth of stuff, so I should probably work on getting rid of some of this stuff before I start on something else, yeah?  This is another pile on my mental radar for this week.


In non-piley news, there is PROGRESS on other stuff:

I finished the hearts I was working on last time, and my 5-year-old daughter liked them so much that she made some of her own.  This makes me ridiculously happy:

druzie hearts

I also gave into my continuing obsession with food with a face and made some horror movie-themed chocolate truffles for my Etsy shop (I don’t know, it seemed like a good idea at the time):

trufflesclassic1  trufflesmod1
Frankly I’m exhausted just thinking about plodding through these piles.  Do you get buried under your ideas?  Even worse, do your piles overwhelm you?  Mine are trying their hardest to overwhelm me!



  1. shuckclod

    Great post again 🙂 I don't pile, but my husband does. I am a clean freak. He can only have a mess on his desk. He says it is organized 🙁

  2. How do I love thee? Let me count the piles. Those jackalope faces and teeny tiny antlers are already incredible (and their teeth!!!). I am very excited to see what comes of all of this vintage folk art researching and processing. I think your time devoted to analyzing was well spent: The decorating / "overdecorating" component is definitely you, although I have a quarrel with the idea of overdecorating. (Pfft! As if anyone wanted you to stop!)

    Another great post, Sarahpants! You are well suited to the bloggityblogging!

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