1. Joyce

    This is so what I am feeling right now….have been diagnosed with metastatic cancer and can't see the oncologist until the 5th of Dec Thanks for sharing.

    • Oh Joyce, that's awful! How incredibly stressful and nerve-wracking for you! I hope you can find a couple of moments of happiness and peace on Thursday. May the 5th come very, very quickly for you! Hugs!

      • Joyce

        Thanks for the encouragement…Didn't mean for it to come out hinting for sympathy…just one of those facts of life…glad it was found as soon as it was.

        • I had a cancer scare in college – and it was just a scare, but until I found that out, those were some of the longest days of my life. That experience made me naturally sympathetic toward any period of waiting. I'm glad they found it early, too! I hope they can start a treatment plan quickly!

  2. A J

    I hear you loud and clear. I am the same way – I call twice then I sit down and start clanking the silver ware against the plate and pick up my glass and put it down – to let them know I am eating without them. These are wonderful images and funny to boot – thanks..

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