Patron Saint of Indigestion and Attila the Hun Enjoys Ice Cream: Free Digital Stamps

Welcome to a whole new year of wonderfully strange line art, inspired by our list of 100 Things to Draw When You’re Bored – 2014!

This week, I’m kicking us off with #98, The Patron Saint of Indigestion, not because I am suffering myself (thank goodness), but because I love the weirdly bizarre look of traditional religious iconography.  I don’t know why saints are usually depicted with tiny faces and GIANT noses and foot-long fingers, but I am grateful that they are.  For authenticity, I enlisted my husband’s help in giving my saint a name in Ancient Greek.  Roughly translated, and I do mean roughly, we have called him “The Holy of Burps.”  Apparently, he, too, has been indulging in pizza, fries, booze, coffee, and grapefruit.  Silly rabbit!

Patron Saint of Indigestion_wonderstrange

Next up, I tackled #51, “Everybody Loves Ice Cream: Attila the Hun.” I created a whole series of “Everybody Loves Ice Cream” prompts because I thought it would be hilarious to show awful, evil men throughout history enjoying a lovely scoop.  And to me, at least, it is.


Everybody loves ice cream - Attila the Hun_wonderstrange

Who can argue with that much happiness?


Okay, yes, I know, it might be tricky to use these on cards, but I believe in you!   Come see us tomorrow for the inaugural “Wednesday Wow!”



  1. The Patron Saint of Indigestion is awesome and hilarious. I love the robe. (You know I like the fancy clothes!) Terrific line work on both! Wooo!

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