Partying Parasite and Flying Monkeys in Love

What do parasites and flying monkeys in love have in common? They might both make you sick! These flying monkeys are like that one couple in middle school who make out by your locker every morning  while you stand there all awkward and wishing you could just get your social studies book out of there. The partying tape worm? Well, duh…he’s a parasite.That’s what he DOES. So these two from our 100 Things to Draw when you are Bored list are yours for the printing. Click’em. Print ’em. Do your thing.

Scan 6



Scan 5



  1. shuckclod

    Love these monkeys. They will be great fro an anniversary card. The tapeworm is kinda scary and where did he find the hat? Have a great week. Thank you.

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