On Woohooing and Waiting

This week has been a great week, partly because I have Accomplished Things, and partly because I have Been Inspired.

First things first.  I really can’t express how good it makes me feel to Accomplish Things.  Nitrous oxide could not make me feel one bit giddier than I did on Wednesday night when I finished this custom salt and pepper set, which includes three Pomeranians, two people, a pair of skis with cherry blossoms, and a Space Needle snowboard.

Whole Family - Feature


Snow Board

Ahhhhhhh.  Accomplished.  DONE.  The other things I finished this week aren’t necessarily things I can show you in pictures, but they were on my to-do list, and now they are off – checked off, crossed off, knocked off, DONE.  I love DONE.  I have been reveling, every day this week, in the done.

Second things second.  La inspiracion!   Last weekend, I took a class.  Unfortunately, I can’t say the class dazzled me or even particularly motivated me to create the class project, but then, I’m sort of obnoxiously picky about classes.  What the class did do was expose me to a product, an epoxy clay that will allow me to stick virtually anything to virtually anything else.  Now that my order of this clay has arrived, I have the overwhelming urge to do some assemblage and alter some heads!

Of course, I can’t do anything about those feelings until I finish all of the crochet orders I currently have, and that means waiting for next week, or even the week after.  This the most frustrating part about having two hands, no tentacles, and no crochet bots: While I’m making things I designed last year, I can’t design the things that are fizzing in my brain right now.

So now we return to Accomplishing Things, because that’s what has saved me this week.  With every item I remove from my to-do list, I get closer to the time when I can create again.  Until that happens, I’m trying to be patient, because I want to enjoy every part of my job.  In my own head, though – and just between you and me – I might be screaming for tentacles, the better to crochet for you, my dears.






  1. shuckclod

    Those are so great 🙂 I am laughing because, the people who ordered them are going to be so in love. Is he a pastor? I see the bible.Great job Ann. Have a great weekend playing with you new clay.

  2. Booo for not being blown away by the class – I hope you got enough out of it to feel like you got your money's worth (and I have other color combination recipes if you have the desire for them).. but yay for feeling accomplished and inspired! Those are great feelings.

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