1. shuckclod

    Love how you show things coming together. That is the cutest Tapeworm I have ever seen. Sure looks different then the ones on DR. Oz. Great S&P's too. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Daryn

    Yes, protect those fingernails but I recommend NOT using toothpicks! As always, you're the awesomeest! Glad you're so busy (I know, it's a double-edged sword!). Can't wait ot see the Lebowski cast!!

  3. I am so ridiculously excited about the Lebowskis. That salt shaker that doesn't quite sit on the table is driving my OCD brain to distraction. I am going to be thinking about it all day. 😉

    • Yeah, it's a manufacturing defect: The lip on the cap for the salt is too large for the rim (if that makes sense), so it protrudes slightly and makes the thing sit slightly cock-eyed. It's bugging me, too. I can't tell you how hard it is to find shakers in that size, though, so I'll either have to trim the cap or yank it completely (I'm assuming the three small ones won't be used functionally, since no one really needs four salt shakers). Anyway, you're very funny. Try to think about something more awesome, eh? 😉

      • I'd trim it – maybe they'll use them for garlic salt or something. I use three salt shakers! The one you made me for salt and then the eyeball ones that Annie gave me for garlic salt and creole seasoning. 😀

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