New Stuff Daily – A Bold New Blogging Schedule for 2014!

For the past three years, the women of wonderstrange have brought you all kinds of totally free tutorials, projects, painting tips, and drawing prompts.  That’s great, you’ve told us.  But what am I supposed to do on the days when you don’t post?  WHAT THEN WOMEN OF WONDERSTRANGE?

Candidly, you’re a little demanding when you use your italics voice, but more to the point, WE HEAR YOU.  The world clearly needs new wonderstrange content every single day.  We aren’t even kidding.  We’re going to write things for all of the days, especially the ones when you have to eat leftover creamed spinach that sucked the first time, because you shouldn’t have to do that alone!  We’re here with you, every day!  Here’s the new schedule!


Monday: Art journaling

Each and every Monday, Sarah will present a new way to pursue her unique brand of “anti-art-journaler” art journaling.   To quote from her recent article in the latest issue of Art Trader Magazine:

Since I am an overthinker and an anti-journaler, I have been trying to figure out how to make this whole thing work without using ‘dream,’ ‘believe,’ or an inspirational quote. I want content – I want interesting spreads that are entertaining and funny and fun to look at.  I want to remember tiny things. I want to remember songs that I liked and might not hear again. I want to remember funny things comedians said. I want to practice techniques and explore and experiment. I want to make an art journal for the anti-art-journaler.


Tuesday: Line art


Oh yes, it’s just like Grandma always told you:  Tuesdays are for line art.  Every Tuesday, we’ll post two drawings from our list of 100 Things to Draw When You’re Bored.  You’ll laugh.  You’ll cry.  You’ll wish you had a guy in a Princess Leia bikini chained to your favorite chair, but then you’ll be glad you didn’t, because he smells like tuna fish and dirty socks.

Wednesday: Holy Wow


On Wednesdays, we’ll share stuff we’re a little obsessed with.  Okay, not always stuff.  Sometimes it might be artists we’re a little obsessed with, or music, or a new pen.  There is nothing shady or weird about this.  If we say we love a product, that’s because we love it, not because we’re making money to mention it.

That said, does anybody have a dollar?  We’ll say your name.  Twice.


Thursday: 50 Canvases


300 paintings 18

Sarah is going to issue a challenge to each and every one of you:  Finish 50 canvases this year.  To help you reach this goal, each week she’ll post a video demo of her own canvases so that you can follow along!  Whee!


Friday: Living with art

Study Wall


Whether you trade art through the mail or take workshops across town, you can quickly accumulate more canvases, postcards, and projects than you know what to do with.  Every Friday, Ann will offer ways to integrate art projects into your home decor.  Your house will look more amazing.  You will feel more amazing.  It will be MAD CRAZY COOL!

Saturday: Crochet!

Sam Dean Bobby DL

Ann has been crocheting since the 80s, and she regularly publishes patterns for amigurumi, also known as fun little stuffed dudes that serve no purpose except to make somebody happy.  Every Saturday, she’ll share what she’s doing, how she solves problems, why she’s obsessed with crocheting to Criminal Minds – whatever happens to be brewing in her fiber brain.  Sometimes, there will even be free patterns!  Woo!


Sunday: Reader Feature!

On Sundays, people rest.  And we publish your pictures!  Send in pics of your art journal, canvas, line art, or living with art project, and we’ll encourage a bunch of people to admire you!  True story!  We’ll also be doing random giveaways and other fun stuff.  Screw resting.



  1. shuckclod

    7 days a week 🙂 That is great news! Your posts always make my laugh or smile. Still working on my Zombie Bride & Groom cross stitch. (gift) I will share when it is done. Enjoy your weekend Ladies…

    • We are always glad to have you following along, shuckclod! Your comments rock!

      I am psyched for the cross stitch! I have become mildly obsessed with trying to create a cross stitch effect on crocheted potholders. So far, I am striking out like a champ! 😉

  2. looking forward to the anti-art-journalling. Always kinda wanted to try it but could never see the point to those cutesy inspirational quotes, but i have a plethora (sorry it's my word of the month and you wouldn't believe how often i manage to use it lol) of the snarky/rude quotes that appear as postcards on FB.. Nice one 🙂

    • Yay! I'm glad 😀 I'm looking forward to it too – art journaling for the rest of us. And plethora is one of my favorite words!

  3. You know, I keep coming back here, convinced I left a comment that I clearly did not. Probably had too many windows open, and wrote it in the wrong one. Because that happens.

    HELLO CRAZY PEOPLE. I've joined the 30 days thing, and the end seems FAR. But you have each other. <Pause for Hallmark Moment.> A year! Seriously, wow, good luck!

    I have an idea! Once a month you can take a blissful break from the post of your choosing, and present a Wonderstrange Member for a Day. A guest blogger! I can think of some people who could do it. 😀

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