1. lorienshaw

    Sweetcakes, replace the cardstock needle holders with a corrugated cardboard piece, sticking your needles into the ready made holes. Those all-important barbs on your needles will dull/break off if you push-pull them into-out of cardstock. The other thing I have done is to make a needlefelted cylindrical object and just stick my needles into that…after awhile it's a pretty object all by itself, and then you can use it as a bead, etc. and just start over with another clump of multi-coloured roving as your needle holder. I actually use one of my doll heads as my needle holder, but that's another story…

    • The needles don't even touch the cardstock thanks to those little folded-up slits, but I'd love to see your solution! I don't think there's a way to upload a picture to a comment – you could post it on flickr if you have one and post a link here or email it to me at sarah at wonderstrange dot com! 😀

    • Crap sorry I missed this comment! I love that you have the needle up that dude's nose. I have a crocheted eyeball that I use to store regular needles, always jammed right into the iris.. hahaha!! I see what you mean about the cardboard – awesome idea!! I bought some new needles recently and they came shipped in a test tube, so I may just use that to store them!

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