Mother’s Day Bookmark or Gift Tag

Mother’s Day is coming up, and as  a Mama, I can tell you that the one thing moms dislike more than having you buy them an extravagant gift you cannot afford is getting NOTHING on the big day! Even if you have one of those “you shouldn’t have” moms, trust me. You should.  And here are two quick, easy projects that will make mom happy: A gift tag and a bookmark your mom can show off to her buddies in book club.



For both projects, I used a single scrap of tag board that I cut to 8″ x 6″. You can use card stock, a cereal box, or mat board scraps if you like.


First, I chose different colors and patterns of paper to make my own striped design.


Once I arranged them in the order I liked I cut pieces in the following descending sizes, then glued them into place.




6″ x6″

5″ x 6″

4″x 6″

3″ x 6″

2″ x 6″



Next came my favorite part: The fantastic free therapy of coloring!  I printed out two digital stamps I chose from the Digi Shop and used markers to make them look extra beautiful.



Once I cut them out, I glued them to my striped base facing in opposite directions so the order of the stripes was reversed.


To cover the back side, I printed this sheet with words that mean Mother in many languages  – and you can print it, too, just by clicking.

After gluing that sheet to the back of my striped design, I cut myself a gift tag and a book mark, punched holes in the top of each one, and added some decorative ribbon to finish things off!


There you go: Fast , easy, and inexpensive. What more could you or your mom ask for?  Because we know you are already sitting up straight and remembering to write thank you notes.


Want to make your own? Click here to get the line art; the rest is up to you! This image is on sale until Saturday so be sure to check it out today!




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  1. Cindy, in all my years of paper crafting, I have never thought to make stripes like this. So clever! The finished bookmark is beyond adorable! Don't tell my mom, but I think we both know what she's getting!

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