1. Hooray for guilt-free badges! (I first read that as bandages. Way to go, Ann's eyes.)

    That is an awesome badge – or frankly, an awesome cloth bandage that would also answer the question, "How did you hurt yourself?" I adore the way you did the bones and the blood coming out the bottom.

    I really need to learn to cross-stitch. I just saw a post somewhere about cross-stitching letters on a crocheted background. Hmmm!

    • Oh man it is SO EASY. I can teach you over Skype if you're serious about wanting to learn to do it!! If you can thread a needle and count, you can do it. 😀

      • I am 100% serious! Here is a thing I have learned: The more specific skills I acquire, the more I enhance my ability to create in general. Name the date, sugarpants!

        • Done and done! go to Michael's and get some cross stitch fabric (14- or 16-count Aida) and some needles (they should be right together – they're tapestry needles, small but blunt), the floss colors you need for this pattern (they're listed on the pattern!), and we'll start with this one as soon as you have all of the stuff! 😀 <3

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