1. This is SUCH a cute project! I want to make one immediately! Please send me an elf so I can make one? It seems way more fun than what I'm supposed to be doing today.

    You are so clever! <3

  2. Sunny Carvalho

    Hahahaaa! Sarah, you are such a joy! I loved every step and every comment. I'd really like to do a whole family tree…..the kind with the cousin who cooked meth, or the cousin having an affair with the lady who lived next door when he was growing up (that's the SAME cousin by the way! LOLOL). I think we all have cracked up family trees. The least we can do is laugh about them!

    • hahahaha I love it! And you!! Maybe you could do a whole bunch of screwed up family members and hang them on a tiny tree, use it as the centerpiece for your holiday meal!!

  3. Sunny Carvalho

    With a companion book called "Every Family Has One" (that's actually a book that is in my mind! I have about 20 stories for it, so far!)

    • hahaha thank you! It took me forever to figure out what kitten you were talking about. My daughter is obsessed with Hello Kitty. OBSESSED.

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