Making Cards

Okay, so I don’t really leave the house, and I don’t really have people over, but somehow, I just got home from seeing a documentary at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and I have people coming over in about 13.4 seconds to play Magic until one in the morning, all of which means that I have 13.4 seconds to tell you what I’m working on this week.


And it’s this!  It’s a commission for 21 5×7 cards!


5 x 7 Cards


See that bruise on my toe, by the way?  That’s from the shoes I bought on the internet.  I SUFFERED FOR FASHION.   Note that date, because it won’t ever happen again.



  1. shuckclod

    Damn shoes. I hope it was not the cute bone pair. Those cards are great. Have a great weekend Hermit to Hermit with socks.

  2. Holy…. WHAT. I had no idea it was 21 freaking cards. LOL I thought it was like 8 or something. Whoa. I hope that stressing out thing worked out for you. These look so great (from what I can see anyway!) They've all got a great mix of objects/shapes and the color pulls them all together. I really like this rather old-fashioned palette. As for the toe, I don't know! Moleskin? It's that or just cut a bit of your foot off. You know, for fashion.*

    (*Please nobody cut any part of their foot or anything else off.)

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