1. lovefroud

    I wish you could hear how many times I laughed while reading this! Awesome work, Love the many pictures of the eye hook attachment too! doink!

  2. haaha that is cool and just my style.. I dont drink so it'd take me a lifetime to collect that many corks.. I'll have to hit up the neighborhood wino. thats if he can actually afford wine with corks and not screw tops..
    That tattoo rules I spotted in a pic..

  3. MNTallGirl

    Umm, glad I found you! Good laughs and I was just about to shove a large needle with fishing line through each cork…I may have been hurt!

    • Oh, MNTallGirl, I am glad you found us, too! I am picturing either a large needle in your thumb or 15 corks being hurled across the room because the needle won't cooperate! Either way . . . boo! You could try drilling, but honestly, I LOVE to drill, and I was ready to chuck my beloved Black & Decker straight out the window after about two corks. This tutorial contains the most tolerable way I've found to string them up. I hope it works for you!

  4. I think I am going to use this technique to alter a really – I mean really – boring chandelier. I wanted to buy one of those uber expensive wooden bead ones but after all the wine consumed while looking at my dining room ceiling, this would be way more appropriate. And thanks for making me laugh!

    • That is such a great idea! And honestly, the dining room is where we all consume much of our wine, so what better possible place for a decorative cork project?! So clever! If you feel like sharing a pic when you finish, I would absolutely love to see!

  5. Sue Baltes

    I did this and added red berries to the top of the eye screws and used as a garland. also made one and used dried oranges between the corks

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