1. This totally Rocks!!! A coworker of my husbands is coming over for dinner tonight and I SO want to run out to a thrift store and find be some glass plates so I can do this today!!! This will knock their socks off!!!

  2. Trina, if you cannot find a good one at the thrift store try a Dollar Tree. I got a plate and a sundae dish there that worked great.

  3. Kimberly

    I made these way back in Girl Scouts! We used fabric for the picture, that way you have a wonderful pattern without trying to draw. The only downside…not very washable. That store that's at the old Target…maybe Pottery Barn?…has really cheap glassware too.

  4. Hahaha! That's awesome, Kimberly! I've been making these for years myself – but they've never looked as good as these do! You should try one with the line art. It's really fun to play with somebody else's drawing!

  5. nangalambos

    F-ANN-tastic! Truly, cake never looked so good. Twas thinking this could be cool to make a cake stand with one of the line drawings, and then matching cake plates (serving) using the remaining art?! If the Thrift Store Faerie could wave her wand for me to find the glass, I would be ever so grateful! Such a great tute, Ann. Love it!

    • Yes! That is a fantastic idea, Nanner! Of course, I am having so much fun that I am on the brink of making myself an entire set of dishes, but it would be far better to make little cake / appetizer / pizza / party plates for the guests. Smart! And P.S. I'll bet Tuesday Morning or someplace like that would have small plates

  6. Toni

    Once upon a time I was a somewhat crafty person. Then I became a mom and a teacher and had NO TIME for anything. This project just might bring me back! I have just found a project for my summer vacation. This is AWESOME! I love Cindy's Alice. (I might be biased because Cindy is my friend!) 🙂

    • Exactly so, Toni! As soon as we get it, we put it up pretty quickly – usually within the day. I'm excited to see what you do with Cindy's line art! 🙂

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