1. hahahaha SO MUCH!! It looks crazy awesome! It did look before like you had slapped some images on a lampshade in a fit of "omg I have to put something on here," but now it looks like a true piece of art!

    You're right, though – I never would have noticed the lampshade originally. I am always impressed about how grown-up your bedroom is, so I would have been impressed by your use of lamp. You've slept in my bedroom. You know it looks like a bachelor pad.

    • Awww! You think my bedroom is grown up? I'm so excited!

      And yeah, it looked way awful in its incomplete state, as many incomplete things do! LOL.

      I'm so happy you like it now! I really love it. It makes me all kinds of happy.

  2. Abigail Davidson

    Wow! What a cool technique and project. It looks super. Thank you for sharing and happy PPF!

    • Thank you so much, denthe! I was just telling a friend how much I love your work last night, so I am doubly thrilled that you came here and read this and liked it! 😀

  3. Woo!! What a great idea! I'm loving it. I'm going to make one – one day. I have to buy it first but I'm so going to alter a lampshade.

    • It's a really fun project! You will have a lot of fun with it – one day. And the good news is that the plain, flat lampshades also cost the least. Hooray!

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