1. msmathey

    LOVE your bandaged girl!! How unique and quirky! We used to have bandaids that looked like strips of bacon and sliced pickles but the boys used them all up – Shakespeare insult bandaids sound like what I need to replace them!

    • Thank you so much! The Shakespeare bandaids are pretty brilliant. We got them as a gift, and I only use them on very, very SPECIAL injuries, because I want to have them for as long as possible. 😀

      Meanwhile, I would love to have sliced pickles!

  2. hahahahaha she is hilarious. I love how concussed she looks. and OMG THOSE BANDAIDS HOLY CRAP. I'd turn into an emo kid just so that I could wear them. 😉

    • Thank you, sweetie pea! I am pretty sure she jumped out of an airplane while having a boxing match with a rhino. But it was fun! 😀

  3. valerie-jael

    Fantastic – I LOVE this . It will make any injury better more quickly! Valerie

  4. Abigail Davidson

    This is so cool and whimsical! What a great idea! Always enjoy your posts. Happy PPF!

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