1. Spectacular project – spectacular result! Count me also as a fan of that awesome raven party hat.
    I also love the quote on the painting!

    Further notes on the photo(s):
    Haha, look at you with a whole cubby section of salt and pepper shakers to paint when the mood strikes!
    Is that a zombie crochet octopus hugging a spaceship beside the Freddy Kruger?
    Anatomy coloring book! What a great idea!
    I thought that one book title was "My Forward Friend" and I wondered if it was a primer on fending off unwanted advances.
    Trophy cup paintbrush holder!

    • Hahaha. You are so fun!

      1) That is one cubby of maybe 5 (?) plus a big wicker laundry basket full of salt and peppers. I have SO MANY.
      2) It is a space octopus hugging on a flying saucer. muppet made it for me! 😀
      3) Yes! I love medical and anatomical images, so I have lots of medical books. The coloring book is meant for medical students or nursing students maybe. Or mixed media artists!!! 😀
      4) I will send an email about what that book actually is. Hahahaha.
      5) Yes! It's nice and deep and only cost me $8 at an antique mall. I love it! I have another one for pens.

  2. That looks so good! SO good. I have a similar cubby type shelf but without the drawers… I may need to go buy some drawers now.

    Oh and Love the quote – whoever said it, but especially love that he said it… if that makes sense 😀

    • Thank you so much! The drawers are awesome, Carmen. You should definitely pick up one or two. They hold even more than I ever thought they would.

      I love the quote, too.! The original (I think) is "There is no excellent beauty without some strangeness of proportion."

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