1. Thank you, by the way, not only for your incredible style but for the immediate "tip" that helps my brain make sense of my alteration projects… changing the orientation often frees me from the original purpose almost entirely. You rock! Now to learn to do faces in my own style that are as distinctly my own as yours are yours and Sarah's are hers!

    • Isn't it funny how changing the orientation liberates the brain from knowing what the object is / is meant to do? It's such a small change, but it makes all the difference!

      As for the style issue, YOU CAN DO IT! I's a tricky issue for everyone, especially when other people seem to come up with the best and most brilliant ways to draw faces (I am forever looking at Google image results and issuing weighty sighs). We will be cheering you on, though!

  2. omg I love the painting you did on it! But first, I was sure it would be a decorative bookshelf for a dollhouse. Before I scrolled down I imagined many tiny books and knickknacks on its shelves. But alas! You had another (and far better) idea for it.

    The Fates are fantastic! I just love the style and moodiness and haircuts and all of it! Swap theme? Groups of three? I don't know!

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