I have to talk more about what I got for Christmas.  Hey, I know it’s late January, but clever display strategies are like fine wine: They require a trip to Goodwill.  No, wait.  They benefit from a glaze?  Look, I don’t drink fine wine.  The point is that some things take time.

First up is a gift from my dear friend Nancy, who found this amazing book, which is shaped like a D for D’Angelo, my last name, which is cool.  She felt it could be even cooler, though, so she commissioned my friend Cindy to paint on it:

Book from Nancy

After much consideration, Cindy decided it to would be hilarious to riff on Dan Brown’s *Angels and Demons*.

Book from Nancy Open

Why is that funny?  Because when two English grad students get married, their house is filled with Shakespeare and Milton and Woolf, and rather less so with Dan Brown.  She has now obligated us both to have and to display Dan Brown.  That distant sound you hear is her chuckling to herself.

Totally by coincidence, meanwhile, I received this amazing Junker Jane doll from my husband:

Devil Doll

It seemed to me that these things needed to be displayed together, and that’s where the trip to Goodwill comes in!  I found this candle holder for a couple of bucks.


Sorry for the bad photo.

I liked it because of its height, which would allow me to create a sort of standing shelf, with room underneath as well as on top.   Enter: Craft wood.

Pedestal with Craft Wood

From this point, we have the familiar tale of gesso and paint.

Craft Wood with Black Paint

Why black? Because the candle holder is distressed, with spots of black showing through. I wanted to be able to able to imitate the effect on the shelf.

Craft Wood with White Paint

Initial coat of white over the black.

The whole thing put together was much too stark, though, so I did a mustard glaze over the white.

Pedestal FinishedAnd now I have a standing shelf for my treasures!

Buffet Corner Shot

Buffet Long Shot



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Banana · January 24, 2015 at 10:09 am

Very cool display, and I'm honored!

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