1. omg those things are SO cute!!! I want some. a billion. Maybe half a billion.

    I want to watch that movie with you – we can skip the omelets. Wine and jalapeno chips.

    • Aren't they great?! Michaels has flags, too. It's all kind of ridiculously awesome.

      I am pretty much always on the sign-up list for wine and jalapeno chips, but put me down twice, just to be sure! 😀

  2. I love seeing my art in such great company! your freakshibit looks great! remind me to come and see you if I ever get to go to the us, I´d love to see your house, with all its art!

  3. Bears in Chairs! Right on!
    (I totally want to do some kind of interiors swap. Would you do it? I would particularly like if it were interiors with sofas or other furniture. I mean, Bears in Chairs is one way to go, totally.)

    You are TOTALLY RIGHT as usual re: the pick a spot and put up some damn art business. I have put some up. I have even put some of my own up, which I feel strangely sheepish about.

    Also I am with all the people that want to go to your house and look at all the art! And then I would like to go through everyone's binders and look at all the atcs. 😀

    • I would do an interiors swap! It would be a challenge for me, but I would definitely do it – especially if I could put things in the chairs! 😀

      You are welcome here anytime! And for the record, I love sitting with people and looking through my binders! SO much fun!

  4. ann, I wrote about your series in a blog post, and discovered that the last weeks living with art posts aren´t tagged, so when I click on the tag cloud, they don´t show up. it´s a shame, because all of your posts and ideas are fantastic, and I want people to see them!

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