Do you like fun facts?  Here’s one from the vault: I don’t eat fish.  Okay, that wasn’t fun at all, especially since I could have told you I once co-starred in an amateur pornographic film with Tom Brokaw.  I mean, that’s not true, but I could have said it.   What were we talking about?  Fish?  I can totally see why you brought up Tom Brokaw, you lewd little subject changer.

Anyway, I picked up this fish mold at Goodwill six or seven years ago (lewdly, as one will), and about a month ago, during a fit of cleaning, my husband begged me to get rid of it.

Original Mold

“You can’t possibly make this thing cool,” my husband said. I think he was tired. I think EYE was double dog dared.


After another long week, I stayed up until 6:30 this morning painting the fish to emphasize all the cool sculptural details.  Here’s what it looked like when I left to get breakfast with my mother at 9:30, rocking the good good hair after three hours of sleep.

Fish up to last night

In the night, I also made this sign to go with the fish:

Ruler at Start

I planned this project before Prince died, which is why I was listening to Prince and quoting Nirvana (“it’s OK to eat fish ’cause they don’t have any feelings”).

I also made this sign, but it was too big.

2nd Sign

I blasphemed real coins AND coins from our local equivalent of Chuck E. Cheese in this one.  Woo me.

After putting some nails in the wall, I added coins to the ruler, teeth to the mouth, and dots to the border.  And there it is:  My tribute to Nirvana, Tom Brokaw, fish molds, pescatarians, or some of the above.

With Sign and Light

Light Off Sign


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Danielle · April 24, 2016 at 12:46 am

Love it!! Thanks for sharing your work.

    mold · September 14, 2016 at 4:30 pm

    I love it too. Great work right?

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