1. So awesome!!! I thought it was Marilyn Monroe and John Stamos when I saw them in the media library.. hahahah! This is a WAY better interpretation.

    • LOL! Six has a lot of outfits, most of which look like they were made from an ace bandage. This particular dress does look like a modified Marilyn number. 😀

  2. So great! Your painting skills are just leaping forward! Terrific placement/composition of the figures. I love how one of the steps looks a bit like you put underwear on the woman. LOL. She is my fave of the two. Great swing to her dress! Also that would look great.. somewhere specific… OH! AT THE END OF A BAR. Amirite? 😛

    • Thank you, my sweet! I'm glad the items seem simple and everyday to you! Sometimes, I art up something that I think is ubiquitous, only to discover that it isn't. Whoops! 😉

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