1. it's fantastic! I have a notice board, I bought it at the red cross for $1.50, and my initial plan was to paint the frame white and cover the board with pretty wallpaper. but then I came to think about you, and how you make everything into art, and now I'm thinking about how I'm going to artify it. I'll read through your living with art posts, and see if I get some ideas…

    • malin, you totally made my day! I hope you will show us what you do with it! I have painted a couple of cork boards, and that's definitely fun!

  2. HAHA!! I just watched this movie with Alex earlier this week. Most hilarious thing I have EVER seen. The film continuity is even more amazing than the epic story! Truly a movie to remember in art. I'll have to show this drawer insert to Alex who will immediately want one. 🙂

    • The continuity is pretty incredible, isn't it? Close up shot: ALL THE SHARKS! IN A STORM! SO SHARK! MANY STORM! Aerial shot: Calm ocean, sunny day, tiny people lounging on beach. Yay.

      Bonus continuity: The close-up on the sharks in the nursing home pool was previously seen (and situated) in the ocean. Yes, please. 😀

      P.S. I hope you don't leave Alex hanging on this one! 😉

    • Be sure to shake hands with all of the brain cells that will die when you do. They deserve it.

      P.S. When you're ready to watch, INVITE ME! We can eat popcorn and gummy sharks! 😀 😀 😀

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