1. Fabulous idea, I love it! Even if you don't see it, just catching glimpses of it when you open a drawer is enough. I love little artsy touches like that 🙂

    • Thank you so much, my dear denthe! I totally agree with you: Just seeing a glimpse is all it takes! This is already one of my favorite projects!

  2. Aunt Banana

    LOVE it! I envision these on the inside of cabinets, too – the back side – the more plates, cups, bowls you use between dishwasher runs, the more art you see! And on the back wall of a pantry? Holy cool cow…

    • Aunt Banana, we are of exactly the same mind! I started imagining art on the back walls of cabinets, and the pantry, and maybe the island doors! Someone stop me before there is no space left!

      (And thank you so much for commenting! 😀 )

  3. This is an awesome idea for the bottoms of my organizers as well, since some of them are cheap plastic bins I got in the dollar section of the Target and it's the flexible bottoms that make them such a bummer to try to gather together!

    And, just an option… wax backed deli paper loves paint and lays in on shelves… I have a roll here that I keep thinking needs to line my shelves and drawers downstairs in completely inappropriate subject matter and color. LOL 😀

    Your mind is awesome, Ann! Thank you for this new idea whirring around in my brain to get me motivated to claim my space!

    • Yes! Absolutely, Ruth- this would be a great stabilizing element in bins with flex bottoms!

      And wax-backed deli paper is a fabulous idea! You should so go for the inappropriate illustrations and colors! We support that fully here at wonderstrange! 😀

      Thanks so much for the great comment! <3

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