So let’s talk about my laundry room for a second.  First, I’m very grateful that we have not only a washer and dryer, but also a room where they can live.  In our 20s, we logged the hours walking across South Boston with overstuffed bags of laundry on each hip, leaving stray socks in our wake like Hansel & Gretel en route to the candy laundromat.  Except the laundromat had no candy.  Any means of cleaning our clothes that isn’t that seems pretty great, I’ve got to tell you.

That said, my laundry room isn’t too attractive.  It doesn’t live with art.  It lives with recycling.  I decided to give it some art by painting this light switch.

Cover Farther Back

Before I unscrewed it from the wall, I was thinking, “I’ll be clever and paint the guy who invented the light switch!”


Cover WIP

Yeah, I couldn’t find a picture of him, and then suddenly, I was painting a two-headed mermaid.


Cover Done

They’re looking around for sharks, I think.  Or maybe socks.


Cover on the Wall

That’s way more awesome than a plain old light switch cover, right?  Now I want to hang some more art in here.  I mean, I at least need to cover up those screws!  Yeesh!


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M Mathey - POMI · May 8, 2015 at 10:42 pm

LOVE this – they are so cool! Maybe they will be your laundry mascots – keeping socks from being lost and alone and forlorn!

    AnnDAngelo · May 9, 2015 at 3:23 am

    Thank you so much! Man, if they can somehow keep our socks together, they will become our official team mascots! All we have to do to lose socks around here is TALK about laundry. LOL.

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