1. That looks amazing.. It's incredible the difference that the black paint on the edges makes!

    I want to attack every single one of those things with my handydandy casting resin. I wonder if it would woooooooooooork?

  2. LOVE this so much!! No wonder you squealed with excitement – I would've too!
    A friend gave me a dermatological book once but it was pretty gruesome – these 3-d illustrations are much cooler!
    The dino-turkey is perfect!

  3. This is awesome! Love how this is all grouped together, and became so envious as my themes change so often I typically don't have many things to group. In talking with my fellow writer/collaborator, I pulled out some schematics of another project I've been working on for years of ships I made out of Legos and a friend drew them into "real" sci-fi fighters for his universe.

    …given that and this post, I now have an idea for my upstairs landing! Thank you Ann!!!!! <3 <3

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