1. That is hysterical. I absolutely love it. I am still baffled by how much you hate the word 'diorama', but WHATEVER!! It looks crazy good!

  2. Some thoughts.

    1. It wasn't that tacky. The only thing that's REALLY tacky is country geese.
    2. I recognize those blocks! Those are the type of blocks they use to teach little kids math!
    3. Love the black fingernail polish. The only time I wear polish on my hands is black or neon when my nails are very, very short. We are nail polish sisters!

    • Maybe the photo couldn't capture the full tackiness factor. It was pretty tacky. LOL.

      Your explanation of the blocks totally makes sense of the different heights and corresponding colors! Now that I know this, I can use them thoughtfully to CREATE WITH INTENTION! 😀

      I love the black fingernail polish a lot. Before 2014, I'd never worn it. It's all kinds of fun!

    • LOL! (Har.) Seriously, I resisted LOL forever, and now, I use it without even cringing. I am glad I made you LOL, even if you don't want to type it! 😀

  3. HAHA, so great! And crown molding! Peg dolls is another thing I haven't done, but I have seen many hilarious ones at iatcs. I remember my first diorama. In a tissue box. A slit was cut in the back, to make a track for the cloudlike blob you could move back and forth against a crayon landscape. Fog project, 4th grade. 🙂
    Embrace the LOL.

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