1. Haha fantastic! You DIY stud, you. Thank you ever so kindly for the shout-out, and may I say I am totally thrilled to have made it to the mantle. Also, I am pleased to know I could maybe make a frame if called to do so!

    • Woohoo! I'm a stud! 😉

      You could TOTALLY make a frame if called to do so. I'm just thrilled this came out so well, because that artwork deserved an amazingly cool home!

  2. OMG. so now you're going to have me making my own frames… I adore you, Ann… and your artwork. I need to tell you so more often so that you get used to hearing how amazing you are. I am SO intimidated by repurposing older objects because my know-how and my want-it are in such different categories. you make it approachable AND awesome! thank you!

    • Well, how phenomenally sweet are you?! Thank you so much! You should absolutely give this a try, because you will dazzle yourself! If you're very nervous, just have extra wood on hand. If you mess up a piece, you can just set it aside and do another. Because it's not a long project, you can wrap it up in one session and get on to the most fun part of all, which is admiring your great work! 😀 Be sure to share your results!

    • It's a deeply gratifying project, in part because frames are so stupidly expensive. If you do some, post pics! You would make awesome frames, I can feel it! 😀

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