1. HAHA OMG! That face is priceless and hilarious. I say hilarious around here a lot, I hope that is part of the intention. 😛 Seriously. Amazing sculpture dealie with the head and collar and he is just so wonderfully cute and funny!

  2. what happens to his back? 😀 LOL

    Love this. I adore your mind, lady… quirky is the word and I luuuuuv it. 😀

    • Look at you with the clever question! I haven't decided what happens to his back yet. 😀

      Thank you so much for the great comment. You are good at those!

    • Hee hee hee! TEETH! He has been staring at your neck already, if you want to know the truth – or at least, photographs of it. He is very impressed by your ability to produce male heirs, too. *Leer*

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