1. omg, how do you keep coming up with these things!? They are totally unrecognizable! When I saw the newly created heads I was wondering whether you would also give them a new body, but using them as pencilholders in brilliant. Love them!

  2. Abigail Davidson

    You always impress me with your ideas, and this is so cool! I enjoy seeing the stages of your creations!

  3. Your ideas are unbelievable fantastic Sarah! WOW…
    also love the matches canvas and video …

    Thank you so much for sharing all your incerdible talent with us!

    • This one is all Ann (there are two of us kicking around here), but thank you! And thanks for coming over from youtube! <3

  4. First, that I am still here, at the end of this creepy, creepy post, is a testament to my admiration for this place! Because omg the creeps.
    1. I did not expect that deconstruction picture, coming so soon after that creepy creeepy creepy shot of them having just arrived in an airless box traveling, no doubt, in the cargo hold of some enormous tin can – to be so unsettling.
    2. soaked the heads. OMG LOL.

    Another terrifically creepy project!

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