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    I love your Sarah! Great job on the hatching, too! WOO!

    The Lightbulb Head is hilarious. Footie pajamas with the cozy front pocket are the only way to go, man – at least until it warms the hell up!

  2. AND at the end of your piece, it says "things you might also find awesome" and it showed Sickly Octopus, Fancy Cephalopods, Puking Rainbows, and Vampire Squids with Jealous! I find your work and all those other thangs just plain AWESOME!

  3. happytiler

    Anything, and everything you creative is so impressive to me! I love the way your mind works!! These are just so cool! Your generosity is wonderful too!! Thanks for always inspiring!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Brilliant – I love the bunny slippers especially. !! Thank you for these – they are awesome !!
    IKE in Greece x

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