How to Watercolor a Pumpkin: A Video Tutorial!

A few weeks ago Ann talked me in to letting her handsome and talented husband tape a tutorial of me watercoloring some pumpkins. Since she is both smart and persuasive and Jason has great equipment , I decided to let them help me to help you. You can watch this if you promise not to laugh at my baby voice.



After you watch, we’d love to get your feedback.  Do you like video tutorials?  Should we do more?



  1. dhawktx

    Wonderful! The only recommendation? Change the camera angle to the left of a right handed artist so that we can see what the brush is doing.

  2. Cathy

    BRAVO! That was great and so much fun to watch you work. You paintings have a quality like no other. THanks for sharing. I don't think you sound like a baby.

  3. I have seen you paint in person on several occasions, but never with the verbal instruction that this video provides, Bravo! on a fantastic tutorial. If you psot enough of these I may actually be able to watercolor something some day!

  4. Lilacdragn

    Thank you so much for the video! I find video tutorials to be extremely helpful and inspirational like nothing else. When I feel depressed or out of motivation, I search out as many art videos as I can to help lift my spirits and inspire me. I know they must be a lot of work, but they are very appreciated!

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